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Now available as download in E-Pub and PDF. . ! Now available as download in E-Pub and PDF. . ! Now available as download in E-Pub and PDF. . !

At the request of many of our readers we decided to make my books ready for an e-reader and give the possibilty to download the books.

The format is : ***.pdf which can be read in most Tablet-PC's and as E-PUB (epub): the most common format for e-readers.

My major book (more than 500 pages) is :

“The lost Grail of Rennes-le-Château…”

This book is divided in two separate but intimately linked sections namely:

The Horse of God.
Through Darkness into the Light.

My second book deals mainly with the weird book written by the enigmatic Priest Henri Boudet, entitled:

“The TRUE Language of Rennes-le-Chateau."

These books, can be downloaded as .pdf and epub.

They reveal the TRUTH about the Knights Templar and their treasures..!

After we received your payment through PayPal, we will send you by E-MAIL a personal code that will give you access to a site where you can download the books.

N.B. In exceptional circumstances it might take us, after your payment, some days before we are able to send you the "personal code" due to the fact that INTERNET is not all the time available to us.
BUT do not worry, we promise to contact you as soon as possible.

What to Pay...

If you pay in EURO the price is EUR. 10.--

If you prefer to pay in US DOLLARS the price is $ 15.--

If paying in British Pound Sterling the price is £ 9.--

If you have any questions, you can contact me per E-MAIL, by clicking on the "E-MAIL BUTTON".


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We would be glad if you would be so kind to send us an e-mail confirming your payment.
Thus we can prepare your personal download-site while waiting for confirmation from PayPal.

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