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Another indication we had was:
The (de) coded text of two parchments found by Abbé Saunière in the church "La Madeleine". Nowadays, it is often said that these parchments are a falsification, but we consider them as being genuine..!

Now available as download in E-Pub and PDF. . ! Now available as download in E-Pub and PDF. . ! Now available as download in E-Pub and PDF. . !

Bergère pas de tentation que Poussin Teniers gardent la clef...

So this decoded text mentions a "KEY" given by TWO painters.
And indeed, the first key is hidden in the image: "The Arcadian Shepherds", by the famous 17th century French master Nicolas Poussin. (This picture is also known as: "Et in Arcadia Ego...".)
Apart from indications leading to a secret Temple-Construction, we found in this painting our trump card: "The Horse of God" , "Le cheval de Dieu", mentioned in the "Bergère phrase" as: Par la Croix et ce "Cheval de Dieu" (by the cross and this Horse of God).

The second "KEY" is furnished by the equally famous 17th. century artist David Teniers, in a painting of the torments of St. Anthony: "Pas de Tentation".

Only two keys to open the gates to a mystery, yet they hold much information to work with.

By the Horse of God:
Part of the "Bergère phrase": Par la Croix et ce Cheval de Dieu...(By the Cross and this Horse of God).

Horse of God, near Rennes-le-Chateau


We found this "Horse of God", during a hike in the region of Rennes-le-Château..! It is a weird rock formation on the steep slope of a stony hill.
And as we gradually found out, this "Horse of GOD was the most important "KEY" in our solution of the mystery of Rennes-le-Château.

Yet finding this "Horse" only answered one of the many questions, raised by the decoded text...

Does a treasure really exist ?
Where and how to find this treasure ?
What can we expect to find ?
Are the Knights Templar involved ?

After a profound research, we think we found the answers..!

We conclude, that:
YES, A treasure was hidden...
YES, Templars are involved. They hid what they held most precious...

Their correct place is indicated by the clues found in: the Poussin and Teniers paintings, the decorations in the church of Rennes-le-Château, the decoded texts of the parchments, the book written by Henri Boudet and last but not least in "following the steps left by the Horse of God" in the field and above all: his "secret meaning..!".



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